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“The Magic of Mobile Marketing Lies in the Fact That People are Seldom Separated From Their Mobile Phones. Like Gollum and the One Ring in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, People are Loath to be Away From Their Precious Technology, Which Keeps Them Connected to the World and Provides Them With Timely Information.”  --Rich Barber, Former Marketing Manager at Blackstone Media


Blue Taurus provides insights into the entire business landscape: customers, competition, supply chains and innovation. Our objective is to transform strategies into execution. We provide clear expectations, services, technologies and solutions to enhance the business platform. 

  • ​Objective Insights. Executive Coaching.
  • Key Growth Drivers for Leadership, Operations, Marketing, Business and Sales Channel Development, Technology Value Propositions.
  • Drive Growth, Form Strategic Partnerships and Energize Acquisition Strategies.
  • Digital Solutions Across Multiple Service Offerings.
  • Manage Risks Presented by Disruptive Innovation and Emerging Tech.
  • Financial Resources, Funding, Buy Side and Sell Side Services, Technology Scouting.
  • Understanding Surveillance Capitalism. Who are the Real Customers?  How Does it Impact the Business Model? The Apps are Watching!
  • Cyber Security, Privacy-Practical Implications on the Business Model. Development of Cyber Strategies Aligned to Business Goals. 

​The constantly changing digital landscape is forcing all  business's to get more and more creative while searching for the next great marketing idea. The Internet of Things is actually many different technologies. It is an umbrella term  for a disparate array of connected devices and systems. Beacons, radio frequency identification embedded sensors, point of sale terminals, digital signage, smartphones, smart TV's, automobiles and apps are all key components. Anything digital - or physical items than can be chipped - will become a data point within the IoT. It is the combination of technologies with the ability to interconnect devices. This set of technologies is a tremendous conduit for generating business value. The IoT makes it possible to do things faster, cheaper or better and consumers love the realities associated with reinventing and transforming product and service offerings.