​​​​​​The Blue Taurus Partnership is a different perspective. Extra horsepower. An outside eye and out of the box thinking.  Insights. Customer experience. Employee experience. Partnerships. Strategic management. Competitive strategy. We create digital strategies that define a client’s capacity for transformation to accelerate and enhance value creation. Digital transformation links everyone in the global network. With the dynamics of digital technologies, business models, processes, and products are refined or even completely reinvented.

Do you know where to start developing your transformation strategy? The digital revolution presents a confounding mix of risks and opportunities. Technology is disrupting markets and transforming businesses with alarming speed. The explosion of data analytics, AI, Quantum Computing  and Internet connectivity presents a digital challenge for even the most adept management teams.

We advise high potential growth companies, post seed funding, in related areas of gathering resources, talent and capital to sell and market the idea (technology, product, service) and manage growth in the digital age. The challenge is to take the best of the old and the well-established and combine it with the digital trends and technologies that you see today.

​We monitor a global network of innovation centers that are incubating new ideas and technologies that will change the future and competition in the digital age. How do you run a business while establishing a foundation for the future? Digitization is the core driver of innovation and disruption in the marketplace today blurring boundaries between marketing, sales, customer service and IT. 


​​​The “BrandTech” approach builds communities around products. Small cores and powerful ecosystems. All interactions with a brand are now communication opportunities with customers. C level leadership is necessary to shape the new rules of the game. Companies designed for people will drive rapid innovation and business agility.  Digital ambition and disruption are driving the deliverable of exceptional human interaction with brands. Speech recognition, Virtual reality marketing, IoT marketing, Voice assistance marketing, Augmented reality marketing, Cloud based data, AI, Machine learning ….the humanizing of technology is here! Technology for the sake of consumers creates commercial value for the enterprise. It is about who "you" are and why that matters to “me” and should be a key distinction for any business. Seize the opportunities and mitigate the risks.



Building and Growing Companies and Their Technology


“Stop selling. Start helping.”–Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Speaker


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