IMO most cyber recruiters do not understand the dynamic of the cyber security community at large. This comes from many hours digesting business models and brands in the space. Job descriptions are usually too broad. Still too many “check list” conversations with potential candidates. What is really needed are strong information security generalists who know how to accept ownership of the problems in the space. Too many job descriptions look alike and are stove piped. Effective execution is uneven. My conversations of late indicate the changing nature of hiring in cyber security and business transformation communities at large escapes many recruiters because they do not know the community in a city, or market. Today’s socially-driven environment requires personal engagement not simply filling an open position. Social is not going away and personal branding is changing the rules of engagement between candidates and companies. Digital transformation is disruptive and is changing the way people look for jobs. Many companies and headhunters need to up their game. TMAL

The Apps are still watching.....big time. Trackers abound. Information to 3rd parties. App developers and App stores are not transparent. Ad focused business platforms expand continually. Higher standards for privacy, security and content are PR buzzwords. Does everyone really deserve to be mined for their data? Digital fingerprints are going to be a PINTA. Faceless corporations do not make consumers feel comfortable. Customer services takes on a whole new meaning in the digital age. TMAL

New assignment with a very savvy investment group based on managing privacy. Managing privacy will be the new normal, like securing data or paying taxes. The thesis is centered on a standard of constant privacy. TMAL

Breaches of personal information that result in bad things happening will start to create monster backlashes with costly political and legal remedies creating laws and precedents that will be painful for many tech giants. Independent and fed up mindsets will start to reclaim control and look to monetize their data. Ownership of many forms of data will transition back toward individual customers with new services emerging that empower customers to monetize their personal data and “lease” it back to a wide universe of companies. In the age of AI data is the fuel that powers the behemoth. Consumers are not stupid, and they are becoming acutely aware that personal data has a meaningful value in the world of 2019 and beyond. TMAL

Worldwide regulation and governance will drive the equation…quickly. Watch Europe. The US Congress has gone down the rabbit hole with all manner of political garbage and Trump vitriol. Societal expectations on security have consumers feeling confused and thus interested in protection of their data.  TMAL


Super performers have trained their brains for spectacular advantages to excel in many different silos and verticals over the years. Mental tools and discipline are key to the daily balancing act of entrepreneurship, problem solving, technology utilization and dozens of other issues encountered each and every day. Fixing one isolated part of the problem may not be as successful as focusing on the underlying scheme of issues. Thinking laterally gives one the ability to blend logic and creativity for all of the issues that are not black and white. Big picture problem solving, some say “out-of-the-box”, is energizing. Most people like to oversimplify and focus on parts of a problem. This eliminates the “aggregate” in the process. Yes, there is guesswork involved but the process makes for a more informed decision. Very few people today actually understand and know themselves. If you do not know and understand yourself you will not decode that which you do not understand with enthusiasm and success. Introspection is the prime asset of super performers who often have to juggle a mountain of data, data streams and complex decisions. Flow states are critical for effective performance. Intensely focused on a task, at the top of your game and seeking instant feedback on your efforts. TMAL

Society must improve its ability to spot fake news. Rate the truthfulness of the headlines. Ask yourself “Is what I just read true?” Social media companies will not wondrously resolve the problem with magic algorithms. Lies are spreading quickly. Fake news relies on emotion and moralizing. Deception uses pictures and vivid language to spread lies. The tendency to assume truth is a very serious problem in 2019. Unreliable and intentionally misleading information abounds. Human vulnerabilities and the need for approval, affection and reinforcement of one’s own beliefs is creating chaos in today’s society. AI is being weaponized to spread disinformation online to sow unrest in every corner of the globe. Everyone needs to fight misinformation not spread it and repeat the lies. Critical reflection by all protects our frailties as human beings.  TMAL  #fakenews #socialmedia #artificialgeneralintelligence #disinformation #digitalculture

An omni-channel retail strategy is an approach to sales and marketing that provides customers with a fully-integrated shopping experience by uniting user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile-browsing and everything in between. Seeking success story suggestions beyond Disney, Virgin Atlantic, BoA, Oasis, REI, Starbucks, Chipolte, Timberland, Orvis, Sephora and Walgreens. TMAL 

Other than elections what can be hacked? Hospitals. Trains. 5 G Networks. Schools. The Home Office. Automobiles. Implanted Devices. Cities. The Power Grid. Airplanes. Smart Home Devices. Weakness in just about any network. So where is the smart money headed? Cyber conflicts abound. Whether it is the election landscape or the abundant cyber conundrums..... human distrust abounds. Even now there is intense chatter about smartphone apps to replace ballots. More than 10,000 election jurisdictions in the USA. We have been hearing about modernizing the election system for years. We do not have a lot of time to get this right! TMAL

Voice Assistant Marketing. The tech must be strategic. Making big waves. Brand marketing needs to evolve to the point where the ability to have a conversation with a voice assistant is seamless. The AI capabilities are limitless. The new customer experience demands it. To return more personalized results more interaction with these devices is mandated. The "assistants" need to learn. TMAL

Cyber crime’s newest tech capabilities are the fast growing artificial intelligence and voice technologies. We no longer can trust what we see as accurate and reliable as proven with fake videos and we cannot trust what we hear as we are learning about the downside of voice enabled devices and voice fraud cases in the courts. AI based software is very good at impersonating human beings. AI related crimes are about to explode in our daily lives. Commercial voice generating software is plentiful. The new frontier of fraud. Financial houses and health care providers beware. Voice tech to mimic anyone on the planet will pose a heightened threat to all. The ability to access “private” information by pretending to be someone else on the phone brings a challenging new dimension to the new audio tools and the ever-increasing reliance on call centers. TMAL  #cybercrime #artificialintelligence #voiceassistant

Thinking about the way humans exist in the physical world vs. the AI noise. Humans are cognitive beings, not computers. The mind processes ideas, etc., from worldly experiences. Problem solving humans have their own "software" running in the brain. AI "thinks" but animals do not. An interesting conundrum as society deals with the AI technologies on the go forward. TMAL

Do you know how to chose a Digital asset management system in the new world of omni-channel marketing? How do you effectively bring together all those multiple silos of data in one centralized platform? Do you understand the human element as it impacts employee productivity? Then there is the bigger security picture. Where is the data stored? Where are the servers located? Are the privacy policies up to date and effective? Content is King". Make sure it remains confidential, sensitive and secure!  TMAL    #digitalculture #digitalplatforms #digitaltechnologies #cybercrime #omnichannelmarketing #dataeconomy #assetmanagment

Public performance and social media. It is now a circus. Twitter rages. Algorithmic ordering of content. Political anger in 2020. Outrage is contagious across all platforms. Astuteness and the ability to discern have declined to startling levels. Add to the mix the rapidly advancing technologies of Artificial Intelligence. The miscreant high jacking of artificial intelligence and its impact on all social media interactions. Complacency is the enemy. Patterns in data and making assumptions on what they mean. Manipulation by unsavory parties as we come roaring into the next election cycle is a certainty. The chaos of our time has not been caused by Donald J. Trump. Social-media platforms have changed the fabric of our lives. Communication technology is perilously close to making outrage constant and contagious. Users are required to comprehend the realities of public performance and the social media circus. Moral grandstanding and public shaming are a cancer on the digital fabric of our  lives. TMAL   #socialnetworks #socialmedia #fakenews #disinformation #technologyrisk #datamanipulation #politicalrisk #onlineadvertising #digitaltrasformation

Augment Reality Marketing. AR technology has the potential to provide a more life-like and realistic impression of a product or a service. The experience and the technology are still relatively new but I guarantee consumers will remember a focused campaign because of that key point. Research is the key element. The worlds created by this technology will engross and engage users when well executed. Take a look at Sephora. TMAL

What is with the constant echo chamber of finger pointing on critical infrastructure cyber hacks? There is not a warm cyber knowledgeable body on the planet that does not comprehend the attack modes are endless whether it is the Chinese, Russians or hordes of other miscreants. Apparently the US Government is hapless if you listen to the weary diatribe of the Biden Administration. China’s aggressive digital thugs are wreaking havoc in cyber space. We are constantly hearing government wide cyber upgrades will thwart many of the “common” attack methods. The reality appears to be the opposite. If the US does not yet understand the Chinese role in the continuing deluge then one has to wonder if the US even has a realistic approach to network security in 2021 and beyond. There is no easy fix but neither does it appear we are even close to the demands of keeping networks running without major vulnerabilitiesType your paragraph here. TMAL

Is cyber security PR mostly hype or is it somewhere between that and a pipe dream? After wrapping up a couple of lengthy assignments on the M&A side I believe “crying wolf” does not create a focused sense of urgency in the consuming mind set nor impact value. Seems to me building brand trust keeps the technical jargon at a minimum, tells a simple/not complicated story and communicates honest value. Cyber security marketing is still an insider’s game. Competition is fierce, messaging does not differentiate competitors and IMO everybody is saying the same thing. Cyber “lingo” does not match the decision maker’s universe. Consumers still do not comprehend the risk. Great creative is not matched with top shelf technical proficiency, product development and customer experiences. Cyber, cyber, cyber; threat, threat, threat, attack, attack, attack, we are the greatest scenarios abound. Cyber security PR distorts reality. The threat noise is very loud and the threat matrix continually changing. Those that are trying to be all things to all people cannot do so. Then they go and buy somebody else. Valuations are nutso and now the lack of honesty clearly demonstrates that a lot of firms are going to find out that innovation does not come from buying your way to relevance. TMAL

Speech recognition technology has become prominent in our lives. The early vision has been realized and is impacting the bottom line in many ways. The technology is being used by businesses looking to create efficiencies, drive down costs and deliver better customer experiences. Digital transformation is the cornerstone for many investments currently in the sophisticated technologies space. As the world emerges from the pandemic madness many are seeking market landscapes that provide greater opportunities to those focused and prepared for the future. AKA Voice technologiesType your paragraph here. TMAL

Banks must upgrade the sophistication of both their AML technologies and related technology applications. They must guarantee their AI systems are pulling from as much data as possible, including nontraditional sources outside of siloed banking caches, as doing so will improve consumer authentication and help target money laundering investigations. The need to do so is long overdue. TMAL #digitaltechnologies #digitalculture #digitalplatforms #dataeconomy #cybercrime #consumerprotection

Corporate Visions reports that around 80% of companies spend more than 70% of their [marketing] budget on demand generation efforts and less than 30% on customer retention initiatives. The best long-term business growth strategy in nearly every case is to spend much more than 30% on customer retention.....probably 50 to 60 percent. TMAL

Much hand wringing of late on the privacy wars. The “best” privacy experience has marketeers in flames about nosy applications that accommodate ease of access from your device and the technological prowess to stop untrusted Wi-Fi, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, device exploits, and phishing. Now comes the vaunted AI wave of technologies. TMAL

Personally, I have hit the pause button on the marketing jargon until the realities of the miscreant cyber juggernaut are fully explained when it comes to the realities of “hijacking” artificial intelligence technologies. There is no way to guarantee that the algorithms will remain sacrosanct and not be co-opted by whomever. To paraphrase an old ad slogan “an educated consumer is the best customer”. This applies more than ever in 2020 to cyber and privacy technologies. Keeping an eye on the tech that is ostensibly protecting you is the best way to track the realities of your providers. Cyber security and privacy technologies are an ongoing educational sale. Always will be, no matter the marketing jargon. Constantly educating the customer as to the rewards and realities of the technology is just as important as being aware of the potentials of digital failure. Manipulation by hacking technologies means avoiding manipulation by their technologies. TMAL

Buy side chatter from the last 18 months. Cyber brands abound. Cyber companies are all essentially doing the same thing making cyber security the riskiest investment portfolio around. There will continue to be hundreds of options on the table and only a few champions in this derby. Investors want outcomes. So, what do these cyber solution companies really do? There is rarely a true incentive for an early investor. Exit scenarios abound. Getting market share before the next capital round is almost always a tedious event. Even if you evaluate technology well execution risk is a crap shoot. The market risk is often underestimated. Bet on the wrong horse and the Kool-Aid gets nasty. Although cyber security is a newer industry, and many companies are not yet profitable, the long-term potential is nevertheless great. Innovation is a must in this fast-changing industry. Seek companies that are not just adding new customers but also expanding relationships with existing ones. Figure out who has the momentum.
The key question “Is the company truly innovating?” Do they truly have the skill sets and human capital to build and maintain the most successful defenses? It’s only a question of time before the marketplace demands positively differentiated security. TMAL

#cyber investing

Digital transformation drivers, when done well, will lead to better business outcomes—both near and long term. By streamlining myriad business operations and enhancing customer experience, digital transformation will help companies drive new revenue streams, enhance current ones, and outpace competitors in innovation. Depending on execution, digital transformation can be an incredibly time-consuming and resource-intensive process but if the team gets behind it and leadership is seeking to increase long term revenue, growth and profitability it is well worth the effort.
Customer experiences are now more important than ever as today’s consumers expect faster response times, more personalized offerings, and greater accessibility to products and services. It is no secret that customer service is lousy in 2019. Across the board. Producing high-quality products and services is no longer enough without a seamless experience that will impress users or lose customer loyalties. Today, digital transformation is the cornerstone to customer service. AI offers diverse capabilities to automate and enhance customer service interactions while increasing accessibility to products and service suites. TMAL